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History of…Last Kings Designs

Last Kings Designs is a collaborative effort between Glen Marrero and Tyga. The pair have combined to create products that are born out of their opinions of branding, as well as their own personal design preferences. The result has been a line of clothing and hats that is immensely popular. Clearly, their basic idea of creating […]

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The History of…Tisa

Tisa, also known as Ti$a, is a company that was founded by a recording artist by the name of Taz Arnold. Though the company produces an extensive line of vintage clothing, many consider their best products to be their snapback hats. Stars such as Chris Brown, Tyga, and Big Sean are all representatives of this […]

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The History of…New Era

Many people do not realize that the history of New Era dates all the way back to 1920. It was at this time that a German immigrant by the name of Ehrhardt Koch founded the now famous company. What started off as a small company has now blossomed into a company that provides all of […]

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The History Of…Mitchell & Ness

The roots of Mitchell & Ness date back to 1904. It was in this year that the company opened it’s first sporting goods store. Frank P. Mitchell and Charles M. Ness are the original founders of this enterprise. Originally, the company made sporting equipment and team apparel. It was not until later that they would […]

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The History of… ’47 Brand

The history of the ’47 brand is filled with all of the elements of a wonderful success story. Twin brother Authur and Henry D’Angelo made their way from Italy to Boston when they were only twelve. Even at this young age, the two were making their way into the business world. The pair sold miscellaneous […]

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