History of…Last Kings Designs

Last Kings Designs is a collaborative effort between Glen Marrero and Tyga. The pair have combined to create products that are born out of their opinions of branding, as well as their own personal design preferences. The result has been a line of clothing and hats that is immensely popular. Clearly, their basic idea of creating clothing and accessories that allows wearers to dress in a manner that makes one feel like a king resonates with many.

The Last Kings name is in part a tribute to prior kings and living up to certain standards. The initial releases were basic items that would work to serve as wardrobe basics. Soon after, additional releases featured even more unique styles that allow wearers to express individuality. Plans are in the works to add jewelry to the already expanse collection. A date for this addition has yet to be released.

The Pharaoh logo has great significance. Wanting the logo to be more than just another random logo, plenty of thought went into the selection. Greek, Roman, and Egyptian influences play a part, with an additional connection to the importance of education and owning fashion of substance. Though on the surface the combination of three very different cultures may seem complicated at best, Last Kings Designs has brought the three together in a seamless manner.

The Los Angeles also plays a role, but not necessarily in the manner that one might expect. New wave fashion is pushed aside in lieu of fashions that are more relaxed and allow the wearer to create a personal identity through clothing. This is quite different from the norm of selecting items based solely on the name brand that they represent. Comfort is also considered, as Marrero feels strongly that in order to be truly fashionable that one must also be comfortable. This is made evident in the t-shirt, hoodies, tanks, head wear and sweat pants that are already available.

Though much thought goes into the designs, the brand is not intended to be overly serious. The main goal of offering attractive designs that anyone can use to create their own personal style is achieved. Already immensely popular in the United States and United Kingdom, it seems that the sky is the limit for Last Kings Designs. As the collection continues to expand, even more fans of the Pharaoh and what it stands for will surely take notice of this unique line of clothing and head wear.

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