Phoenix Coyotes Maroon Super Star Snapback Hat

Coyotes fans are fortunate to have great team colors to work with when dressing to support their favorite team. Great colors and a great mascot, who could ask for more? The Phoenix Coyotes Maroon Super Star Snapback Hat makes good use of these colors, as well as the mascot. This three color combination is super bold, and not for the fan that like snapbacks that are understated.

The bold lettering on the front is produced from using a raised embroidery. This technique is used to produce the mascot logo as well. Tight embroidery is a nice addition on snapbacks, as it holds up well, and adds to the lifespan of the cap. You will likely see this technique used often on snapbacks because of this fact.

It is also important to look for tight stitching elsewhere on the cap, which this one does have. The structured fit will not slouch or give over time under normal use, and the straight bill will remain as straight as you want it to be. Clearly, quality was not overlooked when this snapback was designed.

If you are searching for great color contrast, check out the white bill and highlights against the deep red. Black is also used to create contrast just behind the front team name, as well as within the mascot. All of these contrasts work to provide a somewhat three dimensional effect.

Great colors and great design are where it’s at. Snapback makers have quickly come to realize this, and are working to meet the demands of consumers. One look a this cap tells this story. To add this one to your collection, surf over to this spot:

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