Tampa Bay Buccaneers Adjustable Snapback Hat

I love almost all of the vintage NFL vintage snapbacks, but to me, one of the sweetest looking snapbacks is the old school Tampa Buccaneers hat(on the bottom). It’s the old school logo with the bright, weird orange color that is so tacky it’s cool.

The newer Tampa Bay Bucs snapback, (the one with the new flag and sword logo) is a great looking orange and red hat too, but it seems to be sold out in many places, despite of (or perhaps because of), it’s $35 price tag. There are also snapbacks that combine the team’s new colors and old with the main part of the hat showing the new logo, while the bill of the hat is the old orange color. Pretty different to say the least. These hats are so popular, it’s very tough to find them at your average store.

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