Texas Longhorns Orange Zubaz Primetime Adjustable Snapback Hat

Just when you think you have seen all of the possible Longhorn merchandie there is, along comes something new to really knock your sock off. At this time, that would most definitely be the Texas Longhorns Orange Zubaz Primetime Adjustable Snapback Hat. Talk about new and different!

The combination of animal prints and snapbacks is not often seen, mainly because no one believed that this combination would work. Naysayers may want to reconsider, because the use of animal print on this cap works incredibly well. A balance has been achieved by leaving the front panel white, and including only the Longhorn logo. This is a nice move, as it prevents the logo from getting lost within the pattern.

The Texas “T” is located squarely on the back, just to give those who see you from behind the message that the Longhorns are your team. There is something new and different to notice each time you view this snapback. From the strong embroidery to the solid white stitching, everything about this cap screams unique.

The Longhorns have experienced so much success, and per usual, merchandise associated with successful teams is always plentiful. Though there are plenty of Texas snapbacks to choose from, few offer this level of uniqueness. This cap should be considered a must have for a Longhorns fan. There simply is nothing else like it on the market today. Get yours while they are still available:

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