The History of… ’47 Brand

The history of the ’47 brand is filled with all of the elements of a wonderful success story. Twin brother Authur and Henry D’Angelo made their way from Italy to Boston when they were only twelve. Even at this young age, the two were making their way into the business world. The pair sold miscellaneous goods such as newspapers and flowers around their home area, and would soon notice something amazing.

What the pair noticed was the amazing passion that Boston Red Sox fans had for their team. These young entrepreneurs decided to fashion Red Sox pennants out of red felt and sell them to fans. This idea proved to be very successful, and fans were asking the boys to produce more. It was not long before their pair opened their very own souvenir shop directly across from Fenway, and were owners of a booming business. Business was so good, in fact, that the brothers had no reason to even consider doing anything else. This is what they were most successful at, and this is what they loved.

In 2003, Banner Supply Company, which at the time had no affiliation to the D’Angelo brothers had begun the task of creating licensed sports apparel that would offer something different to the sports fan. They were able to accomplish this task by incorporating classic looks with new and different techniques. Though the company was successful as a stand alone brand, a merger with the D’Angelo brothers turned out to be just what this company needed to propel them to even greater heights.

The D’Angelo brothers and the Banner Supply Company made the decision to join together in 2005. This combination was a natural fit, as they both shared similar visions as to how to create products that were sure to please sports fans. This joint venture proved to be highly successful. ’47 brand now products snapback hats as well as other team merchandise which is sold nationwide.

The company is now known as ’47 or Banner ’47. Though the company is far different from that which was formed by the two young brothers, the vision is still present in their products. Sports fans spend lots of money on merchandise, and are always in search of different items that can be used to support their favorite teams. This company is mindful of this fact, and the ’47 brand represents unique appeal and quality made products.

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